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The last gasp of Delaware North? The "early booking discounts" were great, actually a huge bargain, a bargain nobody could pass up...

The last three cruises with Majestic? More than double what DN charged for "early booking discounts" was disgusting and rough, especially being fully aware what Majestic thought of all us diehard repeaters...I'm still waiting for recognition from Majestic America Line that Deb and I even existed, you believe that?

Please, anybody that is enjoying this forum...I'm thinking stateroom prices somewhere between these two above charges...A DQ "G" at say $450 a night? Just a suggestion, want my Visa number?

And there are a mess of us, posters and lurkers, we've all talked about this, we all agree. Until that time, we're all looking at the non-overnight boats as a pretty reasonable substitute. Deb and I can't wait for August, gonna be fun...
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