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Default Cruising during hard times

Originally Posted by Bob Reynolds View Post
I hope someone with big bucks sees this and realizes there is a market for the overnight boats. Let's remember that Tom Greene and his mother made money during the Great Depression with the G.C.G., enough to buy and refurbish the DQ.
Great point, Bob! And during that time the GOLDEN EAGLE was also running overnight trips.
Back then, overseas travel was obviously out. Gas was rationed during WWII so car vacations were out, but... there was the steamboat. It was close, available, and affordable.
These smaller boats are now assuming the roles of the GCG and GE of those olden days - filling a void where there IS a market.
While the DQ prices got out of hand, along with most everything else Majestic America Line did, if someone sensible, logical, unbeholden to bottomline stockholders,uninterested in bloating the company beyond its means, and willing to listen to the market (ie. us), came along and bought the QUEENS, they could be run successfully. For while they would be expensive in many people's perspective, they would be doable in others' ( see above: dangerous overseas travel, gas prices). They aren't for a big conglomerate looking to turn a fast big buck, but to an investor able to selfsustain for a while, they could be diamonds in the rough...
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