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I got an email from someone in the CELEBRATION BELLE office last week. She had seen our postings about the SPIRIT trip and the Rambling River Rats. She pointed out that they are going to Winona this year and will be going to St. Louis next year. Yes, this is a good market in these Queenless times, even with the economic situation.
One thing I'd like to emphasize, especially if anyone from these boats sees this: DO A COMPLETE ROUND TRIP. For our SPIRIT adventure, we have people coming from as far as NY and Florida, and it makes it more worthwhile to have more than a 3 day trip. About 11 of our 34 pax are doing a 'sort of' round trip by taking the 2 individual day trips back toward Peoria.
At this point, only the TWILIGHT offers true round trips. The JBS used to, but she started staying over a day in Winona and Prairie and then taking a new group back to LaCrosse. And of course, the TWILIGHT does a 2 day rt. The biggest challenge these boat companies have in doing these trips is obtaining hotel rooms along the way, but I imagine they'll be able to work up some deals, considering probable empty rooms these days...

Now, looking ahead, with the info from the CB about St. Louis, here's my thought for a RRR trip next year:
Start with a 2 day TWILIGHT cruise upriver from the QuadCities to Dubuque and back. Then hop on the CELEBRATION BELLE from here to St. Louis. I don't know how long they are planning for that, but I'd guess 3 days/2 nights, so that would make a 5 day/3 night trip. Of course, you could take either segment of the trip too. And if there would be a day in between the TWILIGHT's return and the CB's departure, well we could spend it here in the Middle Upper Mississippi River Museum or I could give you the 'river history' tour of the QuadCities.....
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