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Well, I don't know that I was steamed--but I sure was Green! With envy! I may have had the DQ "in my blood" for a long time, but I'm still a "newcomer" to the real-life thing. And what part of my Retirement Majestic America Line didn't get, the Government has taken with their handling of Citicorp.
So, my logical side took over, and realized that some of the best choices were made, and I would hate to have to say who got to ride/work (just because I was raised in a 1923 era resort, and have been around a lot of steam doesn't count--RATS!). To those of you who got to go, GOOD SHOW!!! Ya done good by her, and I am very happy for y'all.
Now to try to figure out how to get her back on the river, instead of dying a slow or quick death at the dock. THAT is the mission!
David Dewey & Linda too.
PS Yes Judy, VERY well written!
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