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In the early years of the NATCHEZ operation the calliope was very visible to passengers, but when the heavy canvas roof extension was added to the stern of the Texas to provide shelter for passengers from the blistering sun, the calliope is no longer within sight when aboard the boat. Last November, when I was a guest calliopist on the NATCHEZ during her Louisville sojourn, I kept reminding myself to NOT walk beyond the calliope during intermissions, as I was very used to doing aboard the BELLE during the years I was her calliopist and the keyboard was on the roof with the whistles. Natchez Capt. Don Houghton told me about a newspaper photographer who had been escorted up to take some pictures of the calliope while it was being played and was grabbed and pulled back just in the nick of time when, while shooting photos, she absentmindedly took a step out onto the canvas awning, thinking it was part of the roof because both are the same color. It's very narrow up there and limited by Coast Guard regulations to crew members and/or supervised visitors in the interest of safety. As Judy said, under "regular" and not-so-hectic conditions, I'm sure that a NATCHEZ crew member would be happy to show you the calliope.

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