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Default Gross generalizations

Originally Posted by Bruno Krause View Post
Capt. P, sorry, but this is a bit funny. We ALL went through this anger, this mere betrayal...
. And Toot's? Come on, who do you think started this sickness in all of us? Burlers and turlets, indeed...Eric, sure, he's been with the various companies before dirt and did a wonderful job as the Video extordinaire
The point is that we were all deserving, but unfortunately the list had to be made small. I'm thinking Capt Phillips made some pretty good choices...But I'm still PO'd...
Your statement that unfortunately the list had to be made small and that pretty good choices were made is well put.
But let the old English teacher in me point out a bit about gross generalizations: ALL is inclusive, excluding no one. There were many people who went through the emotions you discussed, but not everyone did. I presume you are basically speaking for this current generation of repeaters, because to characterize Eric as being with the companies before dirt sure makes me and my generation and those before us of DQ passengers really older than dirt! Toots may have started the sickness in your 'generation', but again, not in ALL of the DQ fans. Some of us were terminal by the time Karen came aboard in 1976. She has done a fantastic job - no, rather a labor of love, in her many years aboard the boats which now repose in Majestic America Line purgatory. The many loyalists who preceded 'my generation' preserved the DQ and saved her so that we later could come under her spell. I can't speak for the DQ in her California days, but I know that ever since she became a Mississippi River system boat, she has had legions of devoted followers from many generations. Each of her generations has its own icons, memories, experiences. The most wonderful thing about the DELTA QUEEN is that she was able to enchant and charm each new generation, and hopefully she'll still be able to do that, whether with steam up or dockside.
But to the casual reader of this board, please know that not everyone felt bitter over the delivery trip 'guests/workers' selections or felt rejected because they weren't chosen to be aboard the delivery trip.
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