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Thanks Bruno, for your kind words. As one fellow steamboater said (who wasn't invited), if our friends get upset and mad then they weren't truly friends anyway.

You guys will never know how fortunate Barb and I felt and how honored we were that the offer was thrown our way. We certainly tried to represent each and every one of you with each loving stroke of the cleaning cloth with the Brasso on it and the swipe of the squiggy on ALL that glass (is that how you spell that neat little tool to take off the ammonia water from glass?). For anyone that thinks she is a small boat, I beg to differ. When you go to polishing brass and washing windows - she's pretty darn big. There were also two real original crew members on that did nothing but make up rooms - cleaning from top to bottom including bathrooms and making beds (yes, those fancy white bed linens are still on there).

It was our privilege to be able to actually get down on hands and knees and get dirty for the sake of our beloved boat. I guess you could say we were worshiping her. It was an honor I will cherish forever and ever.

I will add that Phillip (age 23) simply offered to come to Chattanooga to pick Barb and I. Captain Phillips spoke with him personally and asked if he would like to come down a couple days before and ride the rest of the way into Chattanooga with us, as there was a couple other folks getting off. You see we were Coast Guard approved to carry only so many crew members. No one was a passenger. EVERYONE had to carry their weight. And we DID WORK.

As for as the welcome into Chattanooga, Captain Phillips threw out to Barb and I just a couple of days before arriving in Chattanooga that there would be press conference and if some of our fellow Campaigners would like to come and welcome the boat, he would try to arrange to allow them on the boat. Totally taken by surprise, Barb and I wasn't prepared with phone numbers and didn't have internet access even if we had had email addresses with us. However, a fine group was able to make it to Chattanooga on short notice - some had already planned to be there whether they were allowed on the boat or not. It was a fine welcoming committee of many MOR's and S & Der's and Campaigner's and even some crew members. Everyone should be proud. We were able to show Captain Phillips just how important she is to us and how much she means to us. It was icing on the cake to welcome our friends aboard and to spend her last few minutes as a "real" working, running steamboat with them, if that is what happens.

That being said, as I've said before, I WILL NEVER GIVE UP - NOT EVER!

Thanks to anyone who has done anything on the Campaign to SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN. PLEASE continue in whatever way you have been able to help.

I hope this clears up any questions regarding this issue.
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