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Capt. P, sorry, but this is a bit funny. We ALL went through this anger, this mere betrayal...Why the frit wasn't I asked to help on this last cruise? Yes, indeedie, the e-mails were fast and furious, and we all, from California to Florida to Missouri to Ohio to New York were a little, actually a whole lot, PO'd, big time..." I coulda done this and I coulda done that and what was their problem, for Kryst's sake? What about me, dammit...

But we all gotta take a breath...Who worked the hardest over the past 15 years? I'm truly, sincerly thrilled to tears for the people that were asked...Jo Ann and Barb are my heros, they both fully deserves it... Phillip? why not, he's one of us and has never ridden the Legendary One before? good for him... And Toot's? Come on, who do you think started this sickness in all of us? Burlers and turlets, indeed...Eric, sure, he's been with the various companies before dirt and did a wonderful job as the Video extordinaire. Get on FaceBook, Eric has been on all the boats since forever..Bill, no question here, how many of us have created a blog with videos dedicated strictly to the last gasps! The only one that should of been there, and was originally asked with the others, but couldn't make it due to geographical problems, understandably, was Franz...

Now are there a few more mere FRN's that should have been asked? What do you think I'm gonna say? 77+ trips, is that deserving? Someone that started a new life strictly to start that life on the Delta Queen? A guy/gal that completely obliterated their retirement to cruise on the last ones? Deserving? At least thirty "lectures", two TV interviews, faxes to everybody in Congress and their uncle, 1500 petition signatures? Is he deserving, well I don't know, but he spent a lot in the Texas... :-)

The point is that we were all deserving, but unfortunately the list had to be made small. I'm thinking Capt Phillips made some pretty good choices...But I'm still PO'd...
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