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Pete Louise and their sons operated a Machine Shop in Delhi, adjacent to River Road, not too far from Harry Louden's house. Pete purchased a Stainless steel "lightweight" coach--I believe Budd built--from Amtrak and had it by the Machine Shop. The car was visible from River Road. [In the glory days of the New York Central and the Baltimore & Ohio Railroads that stretch of River Road was a 4 track racetrack.]

Other projects had a higher priority at the time and when an offer from a Canadian Company came along the car was sold for use "Up North" before the opportunity presented itself to become home to Pete and Louise.

Pete could do anything with metal and tools. Always ready to tackle any project on the boat and always with a great sense of humor to boot. Several fire plug caps were 'modified" in that shop for use by the DQ.

When Pete made his final crossing his funeral was at St. William Church, Price Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio his remains cremated and according to his wishes spread over the Ohio River that he loved so deeply.

I am glad to hear that Louise is doing well in North Carolina. The Pete and Louise era on the DQ was a fine time to be involved in Das Boot! They both did yeomen service to the boat and deserve high praise for their efforts.
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