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Cap'n John Beatty had his share of stuff ashore, floating on the water, and resting on the bottom beneath the waves. Instead of fooling with a barge, he would sink it and raise it when he needed it. There may still be sinkers underwater around Yankee Landing. I'd be careful getting in too close.

His twin minesweepers were always interesting to root 'round on. Full of fascinating sights to ponder inside the cavernous hulks, and with tons of stuff tossed around on-deck that would excite anyone interested in things mechanical. John didn't toss too much stuff over the side- only a few tons ever so often.

The USCE Steam Tug, the GORHAM, (is that name right, Cap'n Bill?) was fun to explore when he had it in the fleet. There was also the steam crane, BIG JOHN, and the diesel-electric crane AJAX. The towboat BEN FRANKLIN usually assisted his flagship CLARE E. BEATTY (SEMET); both interesting places of exploration on their own. I was aboard the SEMET when he towed the little CLARE somewhere up around Ashland to become a sand & gravel towboat.

When my brothers and I were swimming in the Licking River every summer day of our youth, we anticipated the passing of the CLEM BEATTY, a small, but powerful towboat, we called the "Mighty Mouse". It threw huge waves as it plowed the Licking, and generated great thrills for small boys frolicking in the artificial surf.
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