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*RE: 'Junk fleets & river ghosts.'*
Hi, Bill & steamboatong colleagues:
Great topic for sure and you got me to 'digging' here. I've some dandy B/W photos of Zubic's 'junk fleet' showing a number of wrecks--or nearly so. I'm dumb as mud about posting photos directly to the web site but will attempt to again. I've uncovered some most interesting photos.

I'm sure, Bill, you recall seeing the hulk of the 1939 Howard built Wm. B. BROKAMP, diesel sternwheel: 44 X 14 X 3.8 ft. when she was junked up on the bank just east of CONEY ISLAND/RIVERS DOWNS here near the foot of Eight Mile Rd. [Or thereabouts]. She was a cute thing and caught my fancy as a kid, but as time passed--and I moved on to other things--I never knew what became of her. I dreamed in misty clouds of youth what it would have been like to restore her bright and pristine to run again.

Well, what do I know?

Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River.
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