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Default Louise

I was doubly lucky - not only did I ride during Louise's 'reign', but I also almost always resided in her bailiwick: Sundeck Starboard. In fact, I'd request that deck solely for that reason. Not only was Louise the Mother to the crew, but to some of her younger passengers. One nameless one she deemed to be eating too much candy, so Louise would check the wastebasket to see how many M&M wrappers were in there each day. Since I usually booked back to backs, I was onboard during turnover day so I often helped Louise get the rooms ready - I found out how they saved time by putting the new soaps and trashcan liner under the last day's liner, for instance. One year we were in Prairie du Chien on Aug. 4, Capt. Wagner's birthday. Louise gave me money to buy some limburger cheese, his favorite, for his birthday party that night, as she couldn't get into town during the shore stop (back then we only stayed half a day at the most and cruised in daylight). If you know PduC, you know its over a mile into town, and this was a hot August day. Louise could smell me coming up the stairs with that horrible cheese! I think I suggested that was a once in a lifetime errand.
1) Louise at her cart on turnover day in Cincinnati
2) Louise is putting up her famous Wonder Woman cutout in her storage closet.
3) Pete and Louise lounging on their 'veranda'.
Incidentally, for a year or so, Louise's compatriot on the Sundeck Port was none other than Lexie...
If this posting gets mailed to Louise, no more M&Ms, I've switched to ice cream.
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