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Good old junk fleets, what better place to spend hours, exploring and thinking of days gone bye. When I was just a kid they were called boat "graveyards or boneyards". I used to drive, as a teenager, to Pittsburgh to explore the greatest of these, the infamous Zubik fleet. On my first trip I talked to "old man" Zubik and explained my love of boats, any boats old , new or junk. I guess he felt sorry for a boat crazed kid and gave me the run of the place. I made trips up for many years till the idiots at Pittsburgh ran Zubik out so they could build the new stadiums. What a loss!!

Now Capt. Bob refers to the Alton fleet, well let me tell you what a find. I was attending a industry conference near St. Louis Airport and someone said I should see the new bridge at Alton, so over I went. The heck with the bridge when I saw American boat fleet. I drove into the lot, introduced myself, signed a waiver and wandered to my hearts content. My wife sat in car and knitted and I was as happy as a sheep eating thistles. Forty years since Zubik and I felt like a kid again. I love "junk fleets".
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