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Default Capt. Fred Way's thought's are still applicable today...

I was just re-reading "The Saga of the Delta Queen" and found the last page to be appropriate now, fifty-eight years later...

"And still, withal, this story closes not with a period but with a comma. Jim Burns, the California patriarch who built the Delta Queen, told me the boat would 'last Tom Greene his lifetime and someone after him.' I heard the words and felt a chill. A big steamboat is a mysterious creation. The original builder designs into a purpose, and until that purpose is fulfilled the persons who trod her decks with titles of authority are in some ways grist for her mill, carrying forward their decisions oblivious to the deception. The real aim, the purpose, is incorporated somewhere in the keel line.

Somewhere, sometime, during the days at Dravo (I am guessing here) Tom Greene knew he was in the toils of something a great deal bigger than he was. This must have been a frightening realization. He knew the boats accurate measure.

Meanwhile the Delta Queen blows for her landings and paddles around the bends under new direction. The whole story will not be understood accurately until later, maybe a great while later."
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