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Default *Capt. Bill Judd's broken leg.*

Dear steamboating colleagues:
I know Capt. Bill Judd is going to 'skin me alive' for posting, but I wanted all of us as 'family' here to know he's home recovering from a fall the other week and is nursing a broken leg--two bones in one leg. Bill fell on a local marine survey job and was able to drive himself home. He's on the mend and, so far, no need for surgical pins for the bones. Luckily he wasn't out of town at the time way up or down the river. Things happen no matter how careful we all are in our daily doings. Bill, you rest easily at home with Capt. Darlene's good care and hope you're up and back off the 'dry docks' on full steam ahead before long. Take advantage of the rest and good grub at home.

Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River.
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