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Another question I have is what kind of crew if any do they have on the DQ? Every boat I know of that still has a COI is required to have a crew whenever passengers are aboard, whether underway or not. When I worked at Par-a-dice in Peoria in the early 1990's, the Spirit of Peoria was used as a restaurant and was wired to the dock and on shore power, it wasn't going anywhere, but the USCG still required a 100 ton master onboard whenever the restaurant was open. Dockside casino boats with a COI must have a crew aboard whenever passengers are aboard. Excursion boats must have a captain aboard for dockside Christmas parties even when frozen in and unable to leave the dock if they wanted to.

So, what kind of crew is the DQ required to have? Also, how long is the COI good for? When was the boat last drydocked? Are they going to continue to conduct quarterly inspections/drills with the Coast Guard to keep the COI valid even as a hotel? As most, if not all of you know, once the COI is allowed to expire on a boat that is only 10-15 years old, it is difficult to get the boat recertified. If the COI on the Delta Queen is allowed to expire, it would be almost impossible to recertify, ending her career as a boat forever.

I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but it seems like a lot of people are saying "let the boat sit as a hotel for a while and somewhere down the line we'll see her cruise again." Without very specific and deliberate action to maintain the COI, it will lapse and the DQ will slip into oblivion as a functioning steamboat.

I hope I'm wrong, but without some sort of action....I'm not.
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