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As far as a twelve hour schedule not being logistically possible, it definately is, but not on the same routes as the DQ has run in the past. The route would have to be restricted to sections of rivers where towns are close enough to make in twelve hours. For example, a week long trip could consist of seven daylong trips: St. Paul to Wabasha, Wabasha to La Crosse, La Crosse to Dubuque, Dubuque to Moline, Moline to Burlington, Burlington to Hannibal, with a return trip in the opposite direction the following week. It would be a schedule more along the lines of the Julia Belle Swain, Twilight or Celebration Belle, only after a daylong cruise you would sleep on the boat instead of being transported to a local hotel. I would run the boat 8-9 months out of the year and I would keep the boat on the upper Mississippi with special runs on the Ohio and Tennessee a couple times a year. I would not run the lower.

As far as fire fighting, the idea of being connected to a city fire main or having a fire truck stand by would just be throwing a bone to the politicians or Coast Guard. It would be completely unnecessary, but just a gesture to win an exemption. Being tied up at night takes away the "trapped on a wooden boat at sea" scenario. I just hate the idea of these politicians, who weren't even a twinkle in their daddy's eye when the DQ began it's long/safe career, deciding whether or not it is safe on very limited information. And yes, local fire departments are involved in fire training onboard "floating attractions". We had the fire department on several times a year for training and to familiarize themselves with the location of our fire equipment on the casino boats. The fire department also had copies of our deck plans and fire safety plans.

As far as supporting the DQ "Boatel", I will support it 100%, but only after every option for it's continued cruising has been exhausted. If the DQ hotel is successful, what possible reason would they have for it cruising again?!? The longer that boat sits and is not maintained as a boat, the less likely it is that it will EVER cruise again. As has been said many times on here: "once it's gone, it's gone forever." Well, it's getting closer and closer to being gone.

Well, what do I know?
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