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Default Booking in advance

Regarding Dale's comment about functions having to be booked in advance on the DQ: it is my understanding that the Chattanooga group has the DQ guaranteed to remain there through 2009, and that beyond that will be negotiable. This is only common sense, because while we'd love to have her running again as soon as possible, there is no practical way she could do any part of the '09 season without having any bookings, schedule, crew, etc. by now. So a written guarantee allows them to successfully book events throughout this year. The exemption fight is not dead, but has taken a low key approach, hopefully to avoid incendiary remarks by well-meaning supporters which cast a negative light on the whole campaign. As to other posted comments about letting the Chattanooga group get a chance to succeed: again, who wouldn't prefer to have the DQ plying the Mississippi River system rather than being dockside in Chattanooga - but when did any of us ever get personal communication from Majestic America Line leadership which truly committed them to making the DQ succeed? What Majestic America Line leader ever showed any personal interest in her? Who from Majestic America Line rode her on a lengthy trip in order learn more about her unique qualities? Capt. Phillips has done all this, and in my opinion, deserves us to 'cut him some slack' here. Who knows how this chapter of the Old Gal will turn out, but let's give it a chance. After all, the company's acronym isn't Spanish for 'bad', and that's a good start right there!!!
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