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If not allowing passengers on the Texas deck of the Natchez is their policy, so be it. We all still had an enjoyable experience. The cruise tickets, however, were purchased on the internet in November of 2005 for the 11:30 AM dinner cruise on the Natchez. It wasn't the ticket seller who had a problem. They told us that we could get in line. When we got to the gatekeepers, however, they were the ones who were confused that the cruise tickets wouldn't admit you to the event.

Apparently they were doing this to a lot of people who had already purchased their dinner cruise tickets. They were telling them to go back to the ticket office and purchase $25/person gate passes. I had heard about this happening on this forum before we left, so we were prepared for this. We contested this and got in just under the wire. I'm wondering how many other people were forced into paying the additional $25 gate fee in addition to their dinner cruise tickets?

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Richard, I do have an answer to two of your questions. The Natchez has never allowed passengers to the roof of the Texas Deck, where the calliope is located. The boat was never designed with this in mind. So, this wasn't just a Tall Stacks thing, but an everyday thing. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the calliope while on the boat. The other question in regards to access to the boats probably falls into the category of a confused ticket seller. The only way for normal people to gain access to the boats was to purchase a cruise ticket. There was no general admission ticket or in-dock tour ticket for any boat. At the 2003 event, there was a morning in-dock tour ticket, but they discontinued it for 2006. If you tried to access the boat at a different time than you were booked for, then no wonder you were hassled. One ticket for one cruise.
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