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RE: '12 hour steaming schedule for DQ.'
Steamboating colleagues:
Great insights on the above previously discussed "12 hour steaming schedule for the DELTA QUEEN.

I know I don't know much, but let's all stop and think for a moment what a schedule and logistical headache such a "12 hour cruising schedule" would present. Wouldn't that pretty much scratch most if not all day stops at towns and cities along the way? Sorry, I can't buy it.

RE: Fire protection while docked in Chattanooga recalls the days when the boat docked here at the GREENE LINE wharfboat, Cincinnati Public Landing. My late father was fire official with the City of Cincinnati. For years his domain was the Public Landing the streets adacent from Front up to 3rd St. including deployment of the marine fire boat here. I would 'hope' that the officials in Chattanooga would follow my dad's lead in frequently visiting the DELTA QUEEN [Also the then Str. AVALON and JOHNSON PARTY BOATS], studying the decks and interior spaces, knowing where the closest fire plugs are located, knowing where the outside stand pipe systems are for hooking up to the vessel's interior sprinkler system. Dad did this for years here in Cincinnati and I recall going down with him as a kid several times. Paul and Harris Underwood always were cooperative and welcomed dad's interest and concern for the DELTA QUEEN. Let's not begin painting such a dire picture for the boat within just weeks of arriving in Chattanooga. Jo Ann Schoen is correct in cautioning, "give them a chance."

I'd diplomatically caution not to begin a pattern of 'mixed messages' over this n' that for the boat which would not be good for hotel, banquet, dinner, large groups who must be confirmed 30, 60, 90 days up to a year prior. AMBASSADORS INTERNATIONAL along with Mr. Phillips and his new operation should be the ones to articulate their operation and future needs for the boat via their corporate and Public Relations staff. We're here to give 'support' only. The boat is and has been in corporate hands totally outside of the public domain. I'm more than willing to write letters, attend meetings for a possible exemption process but hope some of the past errors we've seen are not repeated. Please accept all of the above here as a statement of my sincere interest and best wishes for the boat. Time will tell. Let's get beyond the first act of the continuing drama.

Well, what do I know?

Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River.
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