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Having been on the DELTA Dream Trip (the cat is out of the bag) and getting to know Captain Harry Phillips - as I have told many of you, my impression is that he appears to care about the boat. It is also my understanding that he cannot change anything. I have been in direct contact with him regarding the rumor of valuables being discarded and an elevator going in. He has stated this is not true.

I only hope that there have been misunderstandings, as most of you know, I for one would never want to see ANYTHING - no matter how small changed about our beloved DELTA - without a thorough discussion with the FRN's!

In that respect I have to agree with Captain Reynolds. Before Jazzou Jones left the boat, he and I had that very discussion. In anticipation of my old age and knowing I would still want to ride the DELTA QUEEN I was talking out loud one day about putting in one of those cute little (I think of movies from England) glass sided elevators in the forward cabin lounge next to the Grand Stairway. He then pointed out to me where a hole had once been for a dumbwaiter from the Orleans Room to the Betty Blake Lounge when the Dining Room was there in the California days. So you see, she could be sympathetically altered even for we purist.

As a very outspoken advocate for the DELTA QUEEN - please let's give this guy a chance. I know being tied up as a floating hotel is not our first choice. But her fate in New Orleans certainly could have been much worse.

We've got to continue in our effort to get an exemption, make sure that Ambassadors continues her COI and look for a buyer who will care for her to our satisfaction. Those are tall orders for sure. But if each one of us does EVERYTHING we can to make it happen - I believe we will win.

So #1: Continue to contact your Representative and Senators and continually ask them to sponsor or at least co-sponsor legislation for the exemption. Why hasn't that exemption been attached to any of the stimulus bills? Her running will certainly save and create jobs.

#2: Make contact with Ambassadors and make sure they are keeping that COI current - even if for only 49 overnight passengers. If it expires it's my understanding this could cause dire problems (beyond anything we could fix).

#3: THINK, think, think about who in your state might be interested in helping perserve this National Historic Landmark. Probably one entity cannot do it alone - but THINK of who sponsors events, has stadiums named after them, hospitals named after them, etc. - anyone.

My thought has been, "if I'm going to make a fool out of myself - better over the DELTA QUEEN than anything else I can think of". So no idea is too hairbrained. We can't let up now. We must keep working to our full potential - time has not run out. SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN.
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