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Default According to Way's Towboat Directory

Originally Posted by Steven Harrod View Post
Can you provide links to more information about this steamer?
Here's the info from Way's Towboat Directory p. 151 :
prop tb sh 1944-1966. built Ironton, Oh by Mt. Vernon Bridge Co. A DPC 180x52x11. Two four cylinder triple expansion engines, 16s 26s 32s 32s 2 ft. stroke rated 2000 hp at 185 rpm. twin four-bladed props, 9 ft. diameter with 6ft.7in pitch Steam provided by Foster-Wheeler A type generator, 275 psi at 100 degree superheat Bunker C
Leased by Inland Waterways Corp during WWII. Chartered to Butcher-Arthur Co.. of Houston during WWII. sold May 1947 to Ore Steamship Co, a subsidiary of Bethlehem Steel for Orinoco River service, but never went there. Reboilered to receive two B&W steam generators and got two smokestacks. Laid up at Beaumont Tx for a great while. Sold in Feb 1954 to Ohio Barge lIne. Decommissioned when the Steel Express came into service in 1966. Sold in 1968 to a Pittsburgh dentist who planned to make a restaurant of her, but didn't. Sold to Port Allen LA Marine Service who put offices and shops aboard and utilized her boilers for barge cleaning.
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