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Default D.Q. Clue + Crewless

I terminated my employment on the D.Q. yesterday, around noon. Unless others have arrived today, there is no one on board who has ever worked on the boat, knows anything about the boat operating systems, or in my opinion cares about her history or value to the thousands of people whose lives she has touched. The current owner are under a great deal of pressure to make the "Boatel" a success, as fast as possible. Reputations are on the line and the effect this may have on the boat is very secondary to the salvaging of the Reputations. Between the long hours and above attitude, I could no longer stay and watch "my" boat be stripped of everything of importance she holds for me, both emotionally and with the work enviroment I have become used to on the job. I was told more than once "this is not a boat, it is a hotel". Guess I'm just to old to make the required change about something that has been a boat to me since 1976. They may as well just put up a sign saying Steamboaters Not Welcome.
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