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Default Str. Lunga Point FINALLY Salvaged !

Greetings From New Orleans ,
Well , FINALLY , the Str. Lunga Point is geting raised and salvaged from her leve side resting place since Hurrican Ike blew through this last September 11th. . Hurricane Ike made landfall as a Level 3 hurriccane and the damage she inflicted is still very much present in south Louisiana . In my opinion , just one of the many tradegies that she brought to the river region of Louisiana was the partial sinking of the old Str. Lunga Point . Fortunately , and I guess better latter than never , her present owners , the Plaquemine Point Shipyard ( formerly known as the Banta Fleet ) is now in the process of raising and salvaging this old steam tow boat and I can only assume that she will go back into service at the shipyard to clean tank barges with the steam from her vintage boilers . Time will tell ! Also , in the first picture , and in the foreground is one of the model bow , harbor tugs that we use to maneuver the ships in and out of the docks and anchorages with .
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson
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