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Pat: The RIVER QUEEN (GORDON C. GREENE) sank in 1967 because her hull was in deplorable condition and received no attention. As has been discussed on this forum in recent years, TOO MANY old steamboats used as restaurants and museums have met their demise because of owners who paid no heed to maintenance BELOW the waterline!

Despite protests by professional river people, a St. Louis city ordinance decrees that all permanently moored vessels at the levee must be moored with head downstream. Ruth Ferris told me that, on the Str. BECKY THATCHER, the fire marshall also ordered another stairway be built down through the engine room for an emergency exit from the restaurant on the boiler deck. Ruth never liked the BECKY being turned downstream and said she noticed the boat having much more motion than when she was moored facing upstream towards the Eads Bridge.
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