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Default colliope on DQ tribute?

Originally Posted by Dave Morecraft View Post
Phillip & Annie;; I know who one of the players are..:)
And have good idea who the other one is,,,,....
Dear Mr. Morecraft;
My heart is breaking..PLEASE< PLEASE, can somebody play Dixie for me on her last trip, or at Chattonuga? It is a special , heartfelt memorial for us all, and especially for me. My beloved late Mother loved this boat as deeply as I do, and Dixie has been a part of her history, and mine. I heard it played for me on her last cruise, and I cannot tell you how deeply it touched my soul. This boat is a part of my Southern culture, and the song is just as deeply ingrained in our memory. PLEASE, even if nobody hears it, my Mamma will hear it and I will know she played it one last time for us all? Please?
With all my love,
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