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Default D.Q. Departs N.O. !

Greetings From New Orleans ,
Yesterday , the 4th. of February was a particular bad day for me at least for the simple reason in a matter of a few short hours I lost two old friends . First and foremost was the passing of Chieg Engineer , Denis Shenk and the second of course was the departure of the Str. Delta Queen from New Orleans . I recall when I was the First Mate , on the Str. Mississippi Queen , when the boat was still in the Jeffboat Shipyard , Denis was there with us and as much apart of the steamboat faternity as anyone . Denis was there with us " paying his dues " in the Engine Room , with all the engineering calamities and mis ques that could possibly fall on any vessel making her " Maiden Voyage " and numerous " Sea Trials " as any vessel could ever have ! Denis was there when the MQ would like on countless occassions , loose her boilers and I would leave the Pilot House to make a mad dash to the bow of the boat to drop the anchor , while Capt. Shelton would hold the wheel . Denis was there for so much more than I can recall and if anyone ever deserves the title of Chief Engineer , it was Denis Shenk ! Denis paid his dues over andand then some ! The other loss that I experienced yesterday was at about 14:15 ( 2:15 pm ) was the passing of another old friend , namly the Str. Delta Queen . At the time , I was south bound in the New Orleans harbor , on a loaded tanker , when I heard on the ship's vhf radio , the familiar voice of my old friend Capt. Finley Frasier , checking traffic in the New Orleans harbor and contacting the Coast Guard , Vessel Traffic Service and acquiring the necessary permission to depart the Perry Street Wharf and head south for the Industrial Canal Lock . I was coming down in the vicinity of the old Public Grain Elevator and did not see the Queen make her departure but when I departed the ship I was in the the New Orleans , General Anchorage , I " shang-hi'ed " the launch boat I was on and got the following pictures as the Str. Qelta Queen made her enterance into the main lock chamber of the Industrial Canal Lock . For all I know , this very well could have been the last time I see this National Treasure which has taken me on so many of my life's adventures and careers ! My only hope and prayer is that the individual that is now leaseing the Queen will take better care of her than her former owner . like so many things , Time Will Tell !
Smooth Sailing 7 God Speed , Delta Queen !
Ted davisson
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