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Default Days 3 and 4 TS

Two days rolled into one! I'm writing this at 1:45AM Friday after just getting in from the boat. Our last cruise was scheduled to end at midnight, but we landed at 1:10AM due to the rising water. Those of you familiar with the Ohio know how quickly it rises and falls- it started up Thursday afternoon and we juggled landing areas starting around 5PM. When we returned from the dinner trip, the BELLE had to pull out to let us in and several of her deckhands got soaked and cooled off diving for the the mooring rings which had gone under during our cruise. When we came in for the midnight landing, we had to wait for boats to be manuevered so we could squeeze in. Capt. Joy Manthey was working the radios on this as port captain. With the help of a tow on our stern we got in at 1:10AM. I zipped off the boat to my car, as there was a sign that the parking garage towed after 1AM, and anyone with NOLA experience takes that seriously. The car was there and I headed back for the levee where I picked up the Pats and 3 coworkers and got them home. It was snug but we made it. Word is that the races are off due to the high water, and quite frankly I don't know what the situation will be in 6 hours when I go back for our first cruise. Our stacks are 63 feet high, but more important is the lack of landing area without wading to the boats. I feel sorry for the deck officers and crews tonight - there won't be much sleep as they'll be babysitting the lines and maybe moving boats. At this time, there appears to be no room for the DQ and MQ at the wharf....the day started 18 hours ago with a quick run to a 24 hour Walgreens to pick up paper bags for gift shop purchases. The first trip was quite light and the lunch appeared to be so too. They suggested that Dan and I take off and enjoy the festival. I walked up the levee and bought a TS pin, heard Debbie start the calliope, and went back to the boat. Enough festival for me. When I got up to the Gift Shop, Dan was already back too. We came here to be on the NATCHEZ and help, not to tour the riverfront. The lunch cruise was delightful, with Hotfingers(Miss Helen) and Lil aboard. I did take time off to visit with them at their breezy table. They helped the New Orleans Steamboat economy with their large gift shop purchase. As they were preparing to leave, in walked Steve and Barb Huffman. So that soiree continued until the next trip was ready to board. The dinner trip was billed as a Mardi Gras dinner by TS. Apparently beads and masks were promised to the pax. This was something we didn't know about, and we had no beads for those who requested them. There have been quite a few snafus regarding things pax have been told vs. what reality is. I guess that's a liability of a large event run not by yourself but by an outside group. As I was catching a late night supper, Capt. Wilson came and told me some friends from the SPIRIT OF PEORIA were up in the Gift Shop spending money - it was Lee and Kathy Havlik of JBS fame. I was able to visit with them briefly but unfortunately boarding time for the moonlight came too soon for them to get a tour of the boat. Hopefully they'll be able to come back this weekend. They too are having a ball working on the SPIRIT. The moonlight cruise found Pat Traynor, Pat Carr, and Frank Prudent aboard. It was another glorious day of steamboating, and a long one. I hope my navigation/deck crew friends can catch some sleep tonight, they should be exhausted. It was like being on a plane which has landed and is waiting on the tarmac for a gate. And there were at least two boats yet behind us waiting to land after 1 AM!!!!!!!

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