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every night, I check to see if there is any progress with " my boat". It seems that every night, my heart sinks, and the tears come. At this point, I would love to see her as a hotel . At least if she was, she would be more appreciated and taken care of. It breaks my heart to read of the precious things being stollen, and her being vandilized while docked in New Orleans. I would rather see her at least being used, than lost. This boat, and all of the steamboats, are our American heritage and history. I am not sure any of us thought they all would be taken off the rivers when the Delta Queen made her last run. It is like a death in a large family. When the " head" of the family dies, it effects the family in such a way that you can almost see the family fall apart right before your eyes. There is always one head of the family, and in this case, it was the Delta Queen. It seems we are watching our "family" fall apart, and it feels almost as if we are powerless to stop it.
I for one, will forever love her, and pray for all of our steamboats to come back to us. Until then, wherever "my Boat" is, I will be on her in my mind. Floating on the Mississippi, in the cool of the evening, watching the sun set, and I am in my Southern Belle hoop skirt sipping a mint julip out of my Mamma's goblet. I will hear her whistle in my mind, and in my heart for as long as I live. And hope, and pray that someday I will be able to be there again...and if I cannot, she will be waiting for me at the pearly gates, to usher me into the river of life. Until we meet again!
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