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Default " Shipping Up " The Str. Delta Queen !

Greetigs From New Orleans ,
I have it on good authority , from one of the two Pilots that will be taking the Str. Dela Queen to Chattanouga , that many of the former members of the Engine Room crew will be joining the boat this coming week to start the process of lighting up the boilers and preparing the engine for this trip . Its also my understanding that it will be a " bare boat " trip , meaning that there will only be an Engine Room and Pilot House/Deck crews to man the boat as she makes her way up north . I am also told that the DQ will not be going up the Mississippi River , but instead will be crossing the Mississippi Sound to Mobile , Alabama and then up the Tom Bigbe to the Tennessee .There will be the traditional " Roof Captain " on board and I am told that Capt. John Dugger will be doing the honors for this position . It is also my understanding that the boat is now on lease to an interest in the Chatanouga area and will be used as a " Bed & Breakfast " operation . I would like to assume that the
" Good News " in this trip is that the interest that will be leasing the boat will hopfully take better care of the vessel while she is in their hands ! Time will tell !
Smooth Sailing !
Ted davisson
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