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Default Day 2 TS

Just a brief note before heading to work...most of the boats had one cruise last night, a chartered dinner cruise. Krogers chartered the NATCHEZ. With free food and drink available, most pax weren't interested in spending money in the Gift Shop, so Dan Back and I were able to get out and snap some pix while underway. What a beautiful sunset! The BELLE came in early for a medical emergency, and we haven't seen the MAGNOLIA BELLE yet. Hopefully she's here this morning. The evening ended with fireworks, but I headed back here to rest. Most of our day was spent stuffing the shop with as much merchandise as possible, freeing up the storage space on the boat for other stuff. We did take a break and ate over at Mike Finks, and then toured the BELLE and MAJESTIC. We had quite a few crew members from other boats on the NATCHEZ too. Tuesday was probably the best day for us to visit, and it was great comraderie. My NATCHEZ colleagues were impressed by the gleaming BOL, and I certainly felt my age when I told them it was about 55 years ago when I took my first steamboat ride on her as the AVALON.... no rest for the wicked, got to go pick up our boss Ken LaPorte. We're skipping the breakfast cruise to hit WalMart for supplies. Rain is headed here tonight so we need plastic for our outdoor shop. Weather for the rest of the week is to be beautiful and 60-70s. If you ride the NATCHEZ, hot new item is a wonderful windbreaker - and we've still got 15,200 pins left! More later....

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