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Here are some more:

SS Tudor Vladimirescu, sidewheeler built in 1854, see here: (scroll down the left window until you see the name of the boat)

SS Hjejlen, sidewheeler built in 1861, calls itself the oldest paddlewheel steamboat as this boat is mainly unchanged since it was launched

DS St. Georg, the oldest propellor driven steamboat in Germany, built in 1876

SS Ahkera, Saimma River, Finland, propellor driven steamboat, built in 1871, currently out of service, renovations should be completed by 2006

SS Mayflower, Great Britain, propellor, built in 1861, part of a museum, makes some public cruises but no regular schedule

SS Engebret Soot, Norway, propellor, built in 1862, part of a museum, charter only

Sweden has a lot of old propellor steamboats dating back to the 1860ies. The oldest I found in the list is a privately owned boat called Fortuna, built in 1857.

The oldest steamboat in Australia is the PS Adelaide, a sidewheeler built in 1866:

I couldnīt find an older sternwheeler than the Belle!

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