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The software's setting actually has a time frame of 30 minutes for inactivity (usually 15 minutes, but I've increased it to avoid problems like the one described by Judy) ... The reason for this time limit is security (hacker protection, not homeland security ;-)

As the software is running on the webserver and you're working on your local computer, the software is not able to recognize typing as activity ...

When you write a long posting, make sure you either use the "preview posting" trick as described or simply copy your text (mark all text, then hit CTRL + C on your keyboard) or copy it to Word, Wordpad or somewhere else before hitting the "post" button. Sometimes (but only sometimes) hitting the "back" button of your browser can restore the text. That's very unreliable but worth a try when you forgot to copy the text.

Sorry for this inconvenience; unfortunately the Internet still is far from being perfect by now.
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