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In Norway the SS Skiblander claims to be the oldest paddle steamer scheduled in service launched in 1856. But this is a sidewheeler.

Some say thatīs not really true as the boat was lengthened in 1888.

The oldest sidewheel steamer in Dresden is the PD Diesbar launched in 1884 using engines of 1841. This is the last of the Dresdenī boats which is still coal fired.

All Swiss sidewheelers are built around 1900. At Lake Lucerne the DS Schiller celebrated its 100th anniversary a couple of days ago.

The oldest boat on the Nile River in Egypt seems to be the SS Sudan, a sidewheeler, built in 1885.

A friend of mine is caring for the website called International Steamboat Register. Unfortunatly only parts of this site are available in English:

But Iīll ask him which boat he would call the world oldest operating steamboat.

Iīm not sure about the Australian boats. We have lots of links in our web directory. But as far as I remember all those boats are sidewheelers.

So I guess thereīs a good chance to call the Belle the oldest operating sternwheel steamboat in the world.

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