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Happy Holidays to you!

The DQ is tied up to the outside of the MQ at Julia Street wharf, both across and up the river a bit from the old Robin Street wharf. There is at least one watchman for both boats and the sternline telegraph says he's a good guy and cares deeply about the boats.

The interior of the DQ really hasn't changed much. Paintings and pictures were taken down, the golden antlers were given to the Belle of Louisville for safe keeping, a lot of glass from light fixtures was removed/stored to protect against breakage. But furniture and stateroom mattresses are still in place. The Calliope and keyboard were wrapped up, looking semi-water tight.

I also heard that the crew did a fine job setting her up for lay-up, there were things they wanted to do but ran out of time, but the big stuff got done.

The AQ has been turned over to the government mortgage people.

Now the problem is that the rumor-du-jour has the now stripped/poor shape MQ being sold for her hull and turned into a barge in the near future, though I'm having a hard time with the economics on that one. But if that happens, not sure what is going to happen to the DQ...I also suspect that the wharfage fees in NOLA must be costing Ambassador's a pretty penny, so I would guess the DQ would be moved to a cheaper place if the MQ is sold, but that is pure guess on my part.

Now the West Coast boats, only one I have heard news about, pretty sure it was the Empress of the North, and she was also turned over to the Government mortgage people. But the CQ, the Queen of the West and the Contessa I have heard nothing about, sales or anything else.

I'll step out on a limb ===> say hi to ex-Chicago from Deb and me...
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