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Default Judicious choice of words

In his above posting, Capn Walnut exhibited a great trait needed in writing - the correct choice of words. While there are often many synonyms, there are also various shades of meaning for each supposedly 'equal' word. The good Capn wisely used the term 'wide' instead of 'broad' when referring to one of our thread topics!
I too am an optimist of Capt. Bates' ilk, one reason why there is no book authored by me. I can spell. I know adjectives and adverbs, and also the other 6 parts of speech. Throw in the two modes of subjunctive and indicative too, parallel construction, 23 or so tenses, and whatever else grammatically and stylistically editors deal with. I've used it and taught it over the years, so obeying an editor, who probably would have no clue about the content, is not a very likely proposition, were I to attempt to pen a literary work. Thus, the self-publishing route would be my theoretical best way, and that proposition Alan also has covered: money.
So, for the time being, .org is my vehicle ( let's hope it's in better shape than a Chevy, Ford, or Chrysler!) Anne O. Nymous
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