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Captain, you are so right about your points. I do plan to write a book--well, more than anything else, at least get it down for posterity! No, I know I won't make money, and it may never get published--my aim is really so that we don't forget. What would I have done without your books, when I was reading like mad, and studying, and writing my talks overnight that first half-season as riverlorian? Like, I suspect, you--I NEED to research and write, just as I must dig in the dirt come spring--what are you going to do? If it is a labor of love, and you go into it knowing the score--it's all about history, isn't it? It is so clear from your own books that, despite having to put up with some difficulties, you HAD to write, too. So, I may join your club some day--if only to get it down for the future.
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