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Kevin: The keel of the screw, or propellor steamer TOURIST was laid on January 2, 1908 by W. Irving Adams and Son. On May 14, 1908 she was registered in the district of Waldenboro, Maine. She was 24 gross tons; 9 net. Her registered dimensions were 45.2' length, 15.3' beam, and 5.4 depth. She was a coastal boat. The Popham Beach Steamboat Company bought the TOURIST on October 8, 1921 and Captain Perkins changed the name to SABINO. SABINO still lives at Mystic Seaport Museum as the oldest coal fired steamer in the U.S. where she takes tourists on cruises. I rode her in the spring of 2004 and she was alive and well. Source: A Steamboat named Sabino by George King, 1999.
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