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Default Alan , Point Well Taken !

Alan ,
Point well taken , but in my humble opinion , with today's Pilots as compared with yesterday's Pilots , for at least the ones that I have observed , there is still a certain something that is missing . What that SOMETHING is , in all honesty , I have yet to put my finger on . Call IT or the certain SOMETHING , or even THE RIGHT STUFF , what you will , I believe for the most part , today's Pilots , are lacking it . Maybe its just intestinal fortitude or the right attitude or just plain ol' intuition , I believe that the Pilots of old that I witnessed and worked with and was mentored by had an inner self confidence and ability that I see missing today . Just food for thougt .
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Originally Posted by Alan Bates View Post
Ted, I beg to differ a bit. Today, as in the past, dispatchers and owners load everything they can find on each towboat. The pilots of today may have the bells and whistles of electronic aids, but I have yet to see a chart or electronic system that shows the sets of currents at all stages or the wind direction and strength. I have the same high regard for today's pilots as I have for the "great" ones of the past.
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