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Default Jim , Point Well Taken !

Jim ,
First of all , Thanks so much for posting this picture and your comments and your point was certainly well taken ! I for one believe that the Pilots of today would and could not measure up to the Pilots of yesteryear ! Despite the advent and presence of all of the modern day " gadgets " , they are only
" Aids To Navigation " and nothing will ever replace the earned ability and knowledge of a seasoned Pilot ! Despite the marine industries and Coast Guard's notions and attempts to either down grade and even replace the Pilot , there is just simply no substitute for the presence of an experienced and knowledgeable Pilot ! I certainly cannot speak for the attitudes of the marine industry in other ports and in other countries but I can for the New Orleans and Gulf Coast region . Here , unfortunately , the local marine industry thinks of us and has even told us to our faces , that in essence the local State Pilots are " Over-paid and Glorified Bus Drivers " ! Fortunately , the Ship Masters that we work with on our assignments think otherwise and not only appreciate our service but has testified on our behaf that they would never ever enter the New Prleans-Baton Rouge ports without a Pilot !
Smooth Sailing !
Ted davisson

Originally Posted by Jim Reising View Post
The attached picture is of the DQs pilothouse in 1955. At the sticks is CApt. Paul Underwood. Note the absence of radar, charplotters, GPS, VHF radio, and river charts. These were all in the pilot's head at that time. As George McBride said about those days "You'd better not have a river chart in sight, you were supposed to know the river you were running". Is the river safer today? I can't think of any accidents these old pilots had. I don't think the DQ had any lost time accidents due to navigational errors back then.
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