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Default " Setting Sail " On The HMS Bounty

Greetings From New Orleans ,
Tomorrow morning , the 8th. of December , Capt. Chris Rieder ( NOBRA 37 ) and I will be going aboard the HMS Bounty which is presently tied off at the " Paper Clip " dock in Baton Rouge and will be guideing her down the Lower Mississippi River to the New Orelans General Anchorage . Once we arrive at the New Orleans General Anchorage we will be handing her over to two Crescent River Port Pilots , who will then take her on down to Pilot Town for her return trip and to her home port of Tampa , Florida . Myself and the other three pilots will be doing this job on our time off and this will be a " pro bono " trip on the Bounty and I like the other three pilots whom have also volunteered for this assignment are looking forward to yet another adventure on the Mississippi River and this time on a replica of a famous sailing vessel from the distant past . We will be navigating under power and not under sail , fortunately and in all likelyhood this will be an all day endeavor and without radar I am sure it will be a rather interesting sojourn as well !
Smooth Sailing !
Ted Davisson
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