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Default You ARE A Steamboater If......................................

Greetings From New Orleans ,
You ARE a steamboater if you work fifty (50) days on the boat without relief , if your bunk in the forward hole is three feet under a steam line , if your take home pay is $60.00 a week , if you have to use duct tape to tape up all the cracks and openings in the Pilot House to keep warm , if you have outragious and unplanned sand bar parties for the crew , if you have pizzas delivered to you by a store boat when passing through the Baton Rouge harbor , if you propose marriage to some young lady on a lonely lock wall in the middle of the night , if you take a maid on a cruise of the Yazoo River in the DQ's life boat , if you "throw craps" with Capt. Wagner on the bow of the boat while passengers are coming on board , if you put on Halloween masks and look into the Mark Twain bar windows from the out side boat's gunwale , if you bring young ladies to the top of the DQ's pilot house for some live entertainment , if you listen to every word that comes from the mouths of the Crusty ol' Pilots that come on board to pass on their wisdom and experiences , if your sitting in the Aft Cabin Lounge in the middle of the night and the port and starb'd doors open by themselves , if you " Ride The Anchor " on a dare while the boat is underway , if you take the DQ south bound through the Bayou Goula Chute in shut out fog , if you send the " Green " deckhand to the Pilot House for the " Key " to the lock or to the Engine Room for the " Portable Bulkhead Stretcher " , if you go to " Nellies " or the " Under The Hill Bar " and then wind up in the Natchez jail house , if you survive to tell all this , well , YOU are definately a STEAMBOATER !!
Ted Davisson

Originally Posted by John Jarrett View Post
You miss the fact that when you stumble out of a bar on land, it is always an easy walk "downhill" to where the boat is docked. Except leaving Fat Mama's Tamales in Natchez. Boy, that's a steep hill to go down after four of their Knock You Naked margaritas!
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