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I, too, see this as a good thing. But reality check here...They, they the Senate that they are, will select another dedicated, dyed in the wool, branded on the butt democrat to serve on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and we all know what us democrats think about how we should protect a union, any union...Second, the new Chairman of the House T & I Committe will be coached big time about what is important, what is going on, how to act/react to upcoming issues in front of the committee by the outgoing Chairman, Sir James! And you know he isn't going to conveniently forget about us and our favorite wooden structured boat, he still has to reward his campaign contributers, to the very bitter end (pun intended).

At this stage we can only hope that the person appointed as the new chairman is very, VERY Pro-Delta Queen and has a much more open mind to the possiblities, that he or she has their own agenda! But, do not hold your breath...
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