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Obama is a Senator until Sunday, 23 November as I hear tell on NPR, for whatever that is worth.

I intended to propose the following on another thread (what would you for the DQ) but I will now: WE, all of us, WE need to petition the current President to issue an Executive Order to exempt the DQ. I believe that I have read on this board that president elect Obama was in favor of the exemption.

I have also read that the president elect has stated he intends to overturn many of President Bush's EOs. IF President Bush should exempt the DQ would Obama overturn something he states he supports? Remember this is a NO COST proposition. No tax dollars involved, no expansion of government, no EPA report involved, no snail dater harmed.

Would Vicki Webster (who has experience in White House affairs) be willing to coach us on how to do this in the very short time we have left prior to 20 January 09?

What a victory for the thousand of us little people who pay taxes, for the Cities along the Western Rivers, the friends of the DQ around the world, for the thousands of former passengers who rode and love the boat and for those of us who have a very special place in our heart for the priviledge of association with the grand old gal!
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