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Default Star of the '88 Tall Stacks?

Thanks for the background on the origin of Tall Stacks. Once the '88 event became operational, it is little known to most people, but one of the most exciting boats there was Cap'n Bela "Flatboat" Berty's SPIRIT OF KANAWHA. The SPIRIT became the focal place for boatmen to meet and hangout around an actual campfire on a wooden boat. The flatboat saw the likes of John Hartford, John Beatty, Doc Hawley, and many others who found the SPIRIT to be a refuge from the crowds and a cozy place to be. The evening news often had Bela's flatboat in their background shots on many nights instead of the famous steamboats BoL, DQ, and even the PRESIDENT. The City of Cincinnati was so taken with the flatboat that Bela and boat were invited to stay on the Public Landing for several months more, and he gave tours to thousands of school kids until January of the following year.
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