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Default 'Tall Stacks' in Oct. issue of CINCINNATI Magazine.

Dear Steamboating colleagues:
My October issue of CINCINNATI Magazine arrived and I draw your attention to Kathleen Doan's article Pgs. 108-111 titled 'Pack the Stacks.' Her piece is filled with much information on the event and the current thinking in marketing and promotion leading into the 2006 event. Her lead is "If organizers learned one thing in '03, it was that mixing music and riverboats brings out the crowds." This year's event will feature "Steamboat city, a new attraction on the Kentucky side of the river." The financial issues stemming from the 2003 event are concisely covered. I note large ad signs around town touting Tall Stacks as "Music, Arts, Tradition." The kicker paragraph at the end states, "There has been talk of spinning off the music portion of Tall Stacks into an annual event. Also, "The target audience--adults 55 and older who were drawn to the riverboats because of their childhood memories o riding the ISLAND QUEEN to Coney Island--was aging and getting smaller with each event...little to lure teens, young adults and the African-American population." readers/posters may be able to access CINCINNATI Magazine and read for themselves at:

R. Dale Flick
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