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Mel, thanks for another album...any chance you could add some naration to the great pictures for us post 2000 newbies?

Tom, obviously I agree with you, my friend. The Delta Queen is so extremely unique, I am wrong to say that ALL I'll miss is the crew? You bet. My point was that the crew is single most important part of Deb's and my steamboatin' experience. But obviously there are other aspects that are truly important, additional things I'll miss...and I could go on for ages, from the whistle that never fails to raise the hair on my neck down to the little staterooms that are just so much of the charm. How many times have I hit my head climbing into the upper bunk of a "G", love it each time...the smell of the bowthruster, the vibrations, how the bed shakes underway...I could go on forever...

I love the DQ...I love the AQ...matter of fact I'm kinda crazy about the MQ, too. My point is that the crew is such a big piece of the puzzle that I wonder, and have stated so before here in the past, if the crew went to another boat, would we all follow? Interesting question, huh? Especially if the boat we all love and know isn't available...
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