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OK, I tried to reply first here...typed with abandon for about half an hour, it was wonderful, an epithany, but I didn't "preview post" at all and when I had written about a bazillion words, I finally hit preview post and *poof* it was gone and I was no longer logged on. Soooo...we'll try again...

Fred, what I will miss most about the DQ is the crew doing their little things just to make the passenger welcome, to make them feel wanted. You fit the bill, you made my day, as I sat on the tool bench on the bow (now why I was on the bow is beyond me, don't remember) when I heard "you know I've heard things about that New York Smart As- that posts on Dot-Org"...You took a slightly gutsy move that day strictly to try to reach out to me. You didn't have to do that, that and the two hours we spent just chewing the fat about stuff outside the Forward Cabin, starboard side. You went out of your way, that's what I'll miss...Think anybody would get that kind of attention on Carnival or Princess?

In absolutely no particular order and I'm sure I'm gonna inadvertantly leave out a huge amount of people, this is a small portion of what I will miss...Michael at 4:30 in the morning saying hi to me and chatting for 15 seconds because that is all he could afford in time, but always stopping to say hi. Jazzou with "funf und funfzieg" and "we use the word sphere as it isn't polite to say balls in public" and the passion with which he plays ragtime, and Little Sir Echo. Bob Shaad with "what are the chances?" Mike Gentry with Codfish Ball and him playing the theme to Ken Burns Civil War series, and Rockytop. Bob Stevens with Mardi Gras Mambo and teasing us during sing along . Walt and the boys with Muscat Ramble and playing that, our favorite song, enough times that both me and Deb hear it each cruise. Tony playing Kingdom Coming and Dixie on the Calliope, and him teaching us what Slide is. Annie with baseball trivia and playing Eleanor Rigby on the calliope, and of course her "party". Em with her incredible red dress and hat show. Laura for singing a song during her show while sitting in my lap, scared the bageezus outa me, Deb roared... Pat Taylor with her wonderful smile and that incredible John Hartford music she always had on, and me teasing her that the stateroom number of the day drawing was fixed, who did I need to see to provide some payola and of course her impromptu concerts. Herman our wonderful cabin attendant, and Kenny, too, and Justin before that before he went to Iraq. Popeye Jones and how he always gave Deb a big hug with "Darlin..." And all the wonderful dining room servers and Maitre D's...Red Dog, Mo, Lionel, Al, Travis, Tory, Steven, Ortis and of course Lloyd who always took care of my "Sam's", Darryl who made sure I was as comfortable as possible when I was sick, Denis, Shelby...Jessie, who always goes out of his way to find us and say hi even with a paint brush in his hand, William who is always there, usually as we are getting on board for the first time with a hug for Deb, Capt PT, Capt. Mike Williams, Capt. Gabe, Capt Schultz waiting until a very curious Bruno stuck his head almost under the bell before he rang it very lightly, scared me no end but we laughed for days afterwards, Capt Mike Sweigert, Capt Buddy, his wonderful stories about the MQ and of course his lovely wife Miss Alice, Capt Kenny and of course Capt Finley Fraser. Travis and Mary and Jerry Hay and Jim Williams and of course Toots. And Paul and Jonnena both with huge smiles as I come around the Purser window corner, and them allowing me to vent that Majestic no long accepts DiscoverCard, which I had known for a long time but it had become a game, and we just had to play it. And then there is the bar staff, how they let me chew their ear off...Paulina, Gabby, and god there are so many that were there for such a short time, Tony, Zane, Antonio,...Anna Marie and how happy she always seems to see us, watching her play drums with one drumstick...Pony Keg, and how proud he was to show me that he fixed the outside doors into the Forward Cabin Lounge...

Anyways, I could go on all night, and that isn't my goal here... my point is that the crew is the thing I will miss most. They all go out of their way to want you The Passenger to be there, to want you to be their friend, to want you to become a part of their "family". The Delta Queen is wonderful, incredible but I doubt if I would want to ride her again without you guys, the crew. I feel the same way about the American Queen...If the crew on either of those boats were foreign and/or contract and/or customer contact was discouraged, I know it would have been a very short ride...
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