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There are so MANY things I miss, but some of them are not so obvious. Yes, I miss my crew and passenger friends tremendously. I miss the sunrises and sunsets--they are like nowhere else. But I miss the way the sound waves from the whistle go through your heart--you can't get that from a recording. I miss hearing the rattle of the Engine Order Telegraph as you walk through the Betty Blake Lounge. I miss the guys in engineering, griping at me as we get close to Paducah, "Where are our cookies, Mary?" I miss how disconcerting it looks when you are in a bend in the river, walking on an outside deck, and the railing suddenly looks so strange--it doesn't line up right with the banks, and your brain doesn't process it right. I miss seeing some load on a barge, wondering what the heck it is, calling up to the pilot house, and asking Captain Finley to call over to find out what it could be. I miss seeing something WAY cool, and running to announce it to everyone--being so excited about it that it comes out silly! I miss a spontaneous hug from a crew member, just because. I miss going down to the lower engine room, or the bow thruster room, and knowing that the guys are humoring me--they think it's funny that I want to go there, but they don't hurry me; they explain things to me seriously, and they did not laugh at me when I went down there one last time to say goodbye to those spaces. I miss it that the people who worked there GET it that you can fall so in love with each other, and with your job, and with the boat. My friends, don't lose hope. I think of you every day. I, too, am proud to have worked with all of you, and hope to see you again.
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