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You´re absolutely correct. Most of those self driven units are family owned and operated (working together with other boats in some kind of cooperation). Usually the family lives aboard and I always wonder how they get those cars on the boats (sometimes even two of them). Some of the women do have licenses too.

Many of the boats do have websites and some of them even offer cruises. Here´s one website of the MS Jenny (also operating for science exhibitions): (try "unser Team", "Schiffernachwuchs" and "Bilder vom Schiff" / you have to scroll down a bit for the last one)

The family is from Wuerzburg on the Main River and a 5th generation river family. They do have two guest quarters on their boat. The wife has her own license and there´s even an organisation for river-women:

There´s an organisation caring for the kids while the parents are on the rivers:

Unfortunately all websites are in German. But you can have a look on the pictures there.

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